Caxara is a mobile and embedded software company headquartered in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Founded in 2014 under the brand name iBit, we are now among the fastest growing companies in Vietnam. Our team has an extensive technical and business experience across mobile ecosystems, embedded and internet of things solutions. We are passionate about providing the best product and service possible.

We specialize in designing cross-platform applications, back-end systems for complex business application and game developments.

  • Top Quality
  • Corporate and Creative
  • Flexibility
  • Competitive Price

Award winning digital agency. We bring a effective approach to every project we work on. Our mission is to build the best applications possible.

CEO, Pham Quang Viet

Game Development 95%

Cross-platform Mobile Application 90%

Back-end System 87%

Web Frameworks 78%


Hand Monster - Kawaii

Find couple of similar monster's images such as the way between two images is not exceed 3 segments.

Maze City: Bomber Adventure

Hundreds of dungeons with extremely smart and deadly monsters, traps, moving obstacles, treasure boxes and many more.

Magic Hexagon

Challenge yourself with one of the hardest puzzle game ever. Try Magic Hexagon and you will just be addicted!

IQ Troller

Are you smart? Your intelligence is the key in this game! Use it to solve as many puzzles as possible!


If you have any question, suggestion or feedback, please contact us. We value your opinion and would like to hear from you.